About Me

What I offer nonprofits is not just my experience, but my passion.

My passion to share your story.

My passion to set your foundation, both in digital and analog.

My passion for service, the public good, and helping you thrive.

My passion for connecting you to those who can help you.

I will always have your back and help your organization succeed. 

A photo of Amanda Wegner

So let’s parse this out a bit more.

I’ve long been curious, with a deep passion for always wanting to learn more and do more, some times to a fault. I remember way back to the first grade when my teacher placed me in the middle-level reading group. Not liking it one bit, I started digging my way out of the hole that woman had dropped me into. I began writing journals — journals! in cursive! with words like “temperature” — in the second grade. When my third-grade teacher told me I couldn’t read “Queen for a Day” because it had “chapters,” I got the librarian on my side and checked it that book anyway. It turned out to be a pretty good and fast read, even at the tender age of 8.

All those experiences (and plenty more) fueled my fire to become a professional communicator, even before I knew people could make a living of it. I want to write for my hometown newspaper while still in high school, so I’d call the editor every few days, asking to join the newsroom as an intern. That experience turned into freelancing in college. I’ve worked as a niche publications editor, helmed a B2B magazine, and written countless articles for local, regional and national print and online publications. What I love about writing is the opportunity to tell the untold stories, and to help others learn and explore facets of life and living they wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

But as the print journalism landscape evolved, so did my skillset as I added social media, digital marketing and web design to my resume. Over the last 10 years, I’ve had the good fortune to train and mentor others in the tricks of the trade. I’ve also had the opportunity to help organizations define their stories, get off the ground and, in some cases, redefine themselves in our social-driven, mobile-focused world where you don’t exist if you can’t be found on the internet.

Let’s get curious. Let’s get you found. Let’s tell your story.

If you’re ready, I’m ready…